Clinical traineeships

Clinical traineeships account for 60 CFU and start from the third year. The activities are conducted under the supervision of a professor tutor and enable trainees to acquire a certain degree of autonomy in performing diagnosis and proposing a rational treatment. They are distributed as follows:

  • 6 CFU for the 3rd year
  • 16 CFU for the 4th year 
  • 16 CFU for the 5th year
  • 13 CFU for the 6th year

A further 9 CFU are allocated for practicals in the degree thesis subject at the 6th year. 

Students typically attend the wards from Monday to Friday from 8.30 AM to 12.30 AM approximately. One week of traineeship corresponds to 1 CFU.

Traineeships must be held exclusively in the partner institutions affiliated with our University and they must be a part of the training network set up each year by the Faculty of Medicine. Students that spend periods abroad in the context of the mobility programmes offered by the University will have their traineeships in the destination country recognised, at least in part.

Two types of traineeships can be carried out: 

  • Programmed traineeships are organised by the Coordinator of the year on subjects taught during that year and must be carried out in the period from October to December, and from March to May, respectively.
  • Vocational traineeships can be carried out starting from the 5th year to allow students to deepen their clinical expertise within disciplines of interest; they can be freely organised throughout the year after a mutual agreement with a professor in that subject.

Find more on the distribution of the traineeships in the attached file at the bottom of the page.



Among the 60 CFUs dedicated to traineeships, 15 CFUs account for the Practical Evaluative Traineeship (Tirocino Pratico Valutativo), which will enable the trainee to practice medicine as soon as he or she graduates. It lasts 15 weeks in total, which are subdivided as follows:

  • 5 CFU in clinical subjects 
  • 5 CFU in surgical subjects
  • 5 CFU in the general (family) medicine area 

The traineeship in clinical and surgical subjects can be carried out starting from the 5th year, provided that the student has passed all the 4th-year exams. 

The traineeship in the general medicine area can be carried out starting from the 6th year, provided that the student has passed all the 5th-year exams. 

In order to have the practical evaluative traineeship recognised, the student must fill in a dedicated diary with the activities and the evaluation of the Tutor(s).



Trainees are required to take an online course concerning workplace prevention before starting the 3rd-year traineeships. Hospitals that host rotations may ask students to attend additional courses.



Trainees are required to undergo a health check to rule out possible workplace-related risks before starting the 4rd-year traineeships.



It supports trainees with administrative steps and coordinates rotation shifts. Indications and communications to students are uploaded here.

Reference person: Emanuela Dedé

Phone: 0382-984943