Transfer students

NoticeOnline transfer applications will reopen from October 2024 for the intake 2024-2025 in case there will be available places.


The available places will be soon issued in the dedicated call here


Who can transfer to Harvey Medical Course?

Students who are studying Medicine and Surgery in English in an EU or non-EU university can ask permission to transfer to the Harvey Medicine and Surgery Course without taking the admission test if they have acquired the minimum number of CFUs required to enroll into the year they ask for.

Please do note that availability of places is subject to changes from one academic year to the next. You can apply for a transfer choosing a year from 2 to 6, yet places may not be available for the year you would like to select. We do have indeed few drops-out every year. 

The student secretary communicates the available places for transfer students at this webpage. If the available places for transfer are not enough to meet all transfer demands, a commission will draft a ranking list based on merit containing the number of credits transferrable into the course for each transfer candidate.

On the other hand, students enrolled in Medicine and Surgery Courses taught in Italian and students that do not come from a medical background must sit the admission test IMAT and can eventually be assigned to Pavia in case of available places. 

Students who passed the admission test in Pavia may ask for the validation of similar exams they already sat in their previous academic career either in Italy or abroad (check the Previous exams validation section at the bottom of this page for further details). 

Further details can be found here.


What are the requirements needed to transfer?

According to the Harvey Course Regulation, transfers within the Harvey Course from one year to another are dependent on the number of credits earned by the student.  Only passed exams which may be compatible with the exams present in the Harvey Course plans of study for the transfer year in question will be taken into account.

More specifically, the passage from year 1 to year 2 can take place if the student has earned a minimum of 42 CFU (ECTS) by December 20th, whereas post-first year admissions may be considered whether the student had passed all exams of the previous years by December 20th. 

A University Credit (CFU) is the unit of measurement of work students are required to undertake. A CFU corresponds to 1 ECTS, i.e. 25 hours including hours of study, lectures, interactive teaching and practical training or 8 hours of lectures and 17 hours of study or 12 hours of interactive teaching and 13 hours of study or 20 hours of practical training.


I am an international applicant, i.e., not from an EU country. Do I still need to pre-enrol?

Yes, all transfer applicants do need to pre-enrol starting usually from April until end of July each year unless they have double citizenship of which one is from an EU country, or if they have a valid permit of stay for Italy lasting one year (one year living and working or studying in Italy).


How do I apply for a transfer?

Transfer applications shall be accepted online from October each year shall places be available.

Applications for transfer must be submitted as follows: 

  1. Register here when the new opening period starts (October).
  2. Select from the menu: SEGRETERIA > TEST DI AMMISSIONE > Concorso di prevalutazione della carriera accademica pregressa per ammissione ad anni successivi – Medicina e Chirurgia (lingua inglese);
  3. Upload the following documents:
  • autocertificazione esami, online, indicating name of study title obtained, academic curriculum, exams with marks obtained and date in which they were passed and the related credits/ECTs and scientific sectors - SSD (find a filled-in model attached at the bottom of this page)
  • copy of ID or other valid identification document
  • syllabus/programme for each exam to be validated
  • for international students: copy of academic career translated into Italian or English and legalised by competent diplomatic authorities, also including the programmes/syllabi for each exam requested to be validated
  • payment receipt (100,00 EUR fee)

For further information, please peruse the dedicated web page.


When are the results for transfers made available?

Transfer rankings of successful applicants will be available by the end of January / February of the following year.

Successful applicants will then enrol and afterwards will be able to attend lectures and clinical traineeships in local hospitals.

It is possible to request validation tests for subjects that the student already took during their previous academic career if compatible with the Harvey Course academic curriculum.

This option is valid only for regularly enrolled students.

Instructions to proceed

For the re-evaluation of the previous career there is a form to fill in and submit to the medicine students secretary (from this webpage download and fill out the form under the section “Richiesta convalida esami generica”).

Then, contact this email address and provide an electronic version of the transcript of records as well as the courses’ descriptions if available.

After that, the relevant professors may decide to set a validation test for the courses the student already did if compatible with the Harvey Course Syllabi.

Format validation tests: written, multiple-choice questions.

The exact dates for the validation tests will be communicated in case the student is eligible to sit them.

Important: since the validation test is specifically requested by the student, it is NOT possible to refuse a positive grade (18 marks upwards) received in a validation test. If the validation test grade is negative, then the student will have to re-sit the exam during the ordinary exam session.