To be admitted to the final examination, the student must have earned all credits in the plan of study - excluding 18 CFUs dedicated to thesis preparation. The final examination consists of the presentation and discussion of a thesis written by the student in English. 

The student must identify a professor as supervisor (Relatore) in order to carry out the thesis internship. The two will then agree the topic of the thesis and the laboratory/clinic where the internship will be performed. If the request is accepted, the professor can possibly assign a tutor who will perform the role of co-supervisor (Correlatore) during the thesis presentation.

The Laurea Magistralis diploma issued by the university will constitute both an academic title and a title giving permission to practice medicine and surgery, provided that the student has previously obtained a positive evaluation in the Practical Evaluative Traineeship (Tirocinio Pratico Valutativo). 

Find indications on how to submit the graduation request form here.

The final grade is expressed in a score out of 110, given by the sum of the following scores:

1. Baseline score: the baseline score is given by average of the grades multiplied by 11 and divided by 3 (indications are provided in the file attached at the bottom of the paragraph);

2. Final degree mark: this score is given based on the quality of work presented by the student as well as by the discussion in front of the Degree Committee. The score includes 8 points: 

  • a maximum of 3 points awarded by the supervisor (2 points for content and 1 point for the quality of thesis exposition and discussion);
  • a maximum of 3 points awarded by the Committee (same parameters as the previous point);
  • a maximum of 2 points awarded by the outside examiner (Controrelatore).

3. Other scores: 1 point is awarded for at least 5 grades with honours.

To graduate with honours (con lode), a final exam score ≥ 112/110 is required, following an unanimous decision of the Degree Committee.
The commendation (encomio) is awarded to students having a final score ≥ 116/110.